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The YTL Leaders Lounge is the webinar series for alumni, members of current cohorts, and other interested young professionals hosted by the Young Transatlantic Leadership Initiative. The webinars give the opportunity to connect with interesting people and to learn about leadership skills, personal development, and transatlantic relations. Our speakers share their experience and discuss current topics, leadership skills and what the next generation of leaders need to know. Each webinar is open to the general audience. The link to the next webinars can be found below, on our social media accounts, or in our monthly newsletter. The series was started in May 2020 with a conversation between Yasir Naqvi, CEO of the Institute for Canadian Citizenship, and the YTL19 and YTL20 classes hosted by Robin Arens. All public webinars are recorded and will be accessible after the date.

Some of the past webinars

16th of February 22 - ALL CYBER? hosted by YTL, supported by CGI and the

                   Délégation Générale du Québec à Munich

July 2021 - Cyber Security Series  with Sam Smagala (Intro to Cyber Security)

                   and Michael Weinberger (Case Study)

27th of May 21 - Abdul-Rehmann Malik, journalist, educator and cultural

                   organizer at the Yale Divinity School

29th of April 21 - Alim Dhanani, Chair of the Company of Young Professionals

                   Advisory Committee at the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade

25th of March 21 - Yasir Naqvi CEO of the Institute for Canadian Citizenship and

patron of YTL

28th of January 21 - Michael Alberg-Seberich Managing Partner, Wider Sense

and the author of the book "The Corporate SocialMind: How Companies Lead Social Change from the Inside Out" and Lisa Lalande CEO, Century Initiative

10th of December 20 - Robert Hardt Founder, Robert Hardt & Partners, former

General Partner at Next47

26th of November 20 - Melloney Campbell Founder Startup Canada

2nd of November 20 - Greg Fergus - Canadian House of Commons, Manuel

Höferlin German Federal Parliament,Victoria Lennox Startup Canada: "Designing an inclusive digital future: A German-Canadian exchange"

in cooperation with Goethe Institute Montreal, ThinkYoung and CJE NDG, funded by the European Union

24th of September 20 - Sotirios Kotoulas Sotirios Corp

27th of August 20 - Colette O'Hara Chief Strategy Officer at SaltWire Network

30th of July 20 - Florian Kling, Mayor of the city Calw, located in Baden-

Wuerttemberg, Germany

1st of July 20 - Scott Young, former Director of Ideas & Insights at the Institute for

Canadian Citizenship

4th of June 20 - Kyle Matthews, Executive Director at the Montreal Institute for

Genocide and Human Rights Studies

Stay tuned

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