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Diversity Statement

YTL commits to focus on diversity and inclusion in our network and program. We aim to offer an inclusive program that best reflects the diversity of young leaders in Canada and Germany.

With our focus on diversity and inclusion for our program, activities, and events, YTL discovers and connects the next generation of young leaders who share similar interest, enthusiasm and commitment for the transatlantic relationship.

YTL is committed to investing in the participation and promotion of underrepresented groups. We will focus on addressing issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion in our program offers, events, application process and understanding of leadership. We aim to continuously reflect and advance our approach and understanding of leadership.

Our 2020 cohort of YTL participants is a diverse group comprised of different ethnicities, nationalities, beliefs, and socio-economic backgrounds. 

As part of our efforts to put diversity and inclusion at the forefront of our activities, we collaborate and consult with the Institute for Canadian Citizenship to promote inclusion as a pillar for Canada-Germany relations.

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