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The vision of the Young Transatlantic Leadership Initiative is to discover and bring together the next generation of young leaders who share a similar interest, enthusiasm and commitment for the transatlantic relationship. This vision is a crucial part of YTL's work since the first days, when our founders met in Berlin to start the program.
The Young Transatlantic Leadership program is a truly transatlantic immersive leadership exchange format between Canada and Germany. While aimed at building a sustainable network of (young) leaders, the program’s core element consists of immersive study trips to Germany and Canada on annually rotating basis. The program was founded by the three German based German Canadian organizations DKG, YTI and CMG Network in 2018. After a year of preparation, the first cohort was enrolled in 2019 and started the YTL journey with a tour to Canada.
Since the beginning, Yasir Naqvi, CEO of our proud partner the Institute for Canadian Citizenship is the patron of the program. Whenever possible, he is keen to meet and learn from our young and inspiring members.
In 2020, the YTL Leaders Lounge was set up, as a second activity of YTL. The YTL Leaders Lounge is the webinar series for alumni, members of current cohorts, and other interested young professionals hosted by the Young Transatlantic Leadership Initiative. The webinars give the opportunity to connect with interesting people and to learn about leadership skills, personal development, and transatlantic relations. Our speakers share their experience and discuss current topics, leadership skills and what the next generation of leaders need to know.

Find out more about the team anf the program of YTL.

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