2020 Program Details 


The YTL 2020 Program was postponed to 2021 due to the current Covid 19 crisis.

The cornerstones of the study trip are the following:

  • The participants will travel to Hamburg, Berlin, and Frankfurt am Main.

  • Number of participants: 17 (9 YTL19/20 & 8 YTL20/21)

  • YTL organized accommodations (AirBnB/Hotel) and the commute between destinations including the field trips

The interdisciplinary program will includ:

  • Exchange with representatives of the civil society, 

  • Discussions with scientists from various disciplines, 

  • Formal discussions among the participants regarding the German-Canadian and transatlantic relationships, and other topics, with representatives from different fields and

  • Field trips and hands-on activities.

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Focus Areas for 2020 

Topics that will be covered during YTL20 are the following:

1) Modern mobility solutions


The demand on mobility has substantially changed over the last years. We have seen an increase in sharing services, new ways of micro mobility, and the change to sustainable mobility. In Germany, where one of the economic backbones is the automotive industry, the discussion about these new solutions is fully underway. We will define mobility in the future, we are going to visit research entities, start-ups, and well-established companies to learn from them, and see new solutions for large-scale and private mobility.


2) Current politics in the context of European history


2020 marks the 30th anniversary of German reunification. In Berlin, we will explore different crucial places of this time and learn how life was in a divided city. But we will not only be looking into the past, but also towards the present and future. We will discuss the current state of European and transatlantic politics and what role Germany and Canada can play in this respect. Topics will be around the German presidency of the Council of the European Union in 2020, the UN security council, and transatlantic politics from a German perspective.


3) The cultural bridge across the Atlantic

Europe and Germany are well known for their rich cultural heritage. All three cities, we will be visiting, have a rich cultural life. Canada has this variety in cultural life as well. Therefore, Canada was selected to be Guest of Honor of the Frankfurt Book Fair 2020. We will learn about the artists in Germany and how they add their perspectives to the societal dialogue, but we will also hear the Canadian voice. To do so, we will visit the Frankfurt Book Fair and learn more about the varied literature scene in Canada.

Participation Cost


The participation cost for the selected participants is 1000 EUR / 1500 CAD, which covers all primary costs including the following: Accommodation (for 11 nights), breakfast, all program activities, and local transportation (including transportation between Hamburg, Berlin and Frankfurt).


As the organizers aim to generate further funding, the cost might be reduced and participants might get a refund of overpaid fees.

The selected participants can either cover the participation costs themselves or individually find sources of funding to cover the costs through applying to relevant foundations, universities, institutes, organizations and companies. In many cases, the young leader's employer will cover the costs for them. We welcome sponsorship by companies and employers and will provide the participants with a letter of support for this purpose. 

Travel to and from Study Tour


German participants are responsible for their travel to Hamburg and from Frankfurt and Canadian participants are responsible for their travel to Hamburg and home again from Frankfurt am Main. The organizers will work on a joint flight for the Canadian participants from Canada to Hamburg and back to Canada with special discounts. Successful applicants will be informed in time about the final travel plans.

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